Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Weather in Austria is ... um... Wrong.

As we journeyed out from the land of Hungary towards the Swiss Alps, we came across a young man who warned us that our train might be delayed due to wrong weather in Austria (The Hills Are Alive!... sorry). How right he was. The weather was not at all correct. Instead of taking two trains, we took four plus a bus on our long, strenuous journey to Switzerland.

Finally, after 16.5 hours of travel, 2 buses, 1 metro, and 4 trains, we were welcomed by the good people of St-Genis Mennonite Church who hosted us weary sojourners. We woke bright and early the next morning for a thorough tour of the innerworkings of CERN, the particle collider. We have attached a picture of us during the tour! It was so exciting!

After being treated to a lunch by Curtis and Shelly Weaverdyck at CERN, we were then guided around Old Town Geneva, which is way cooler than Old Town Wichita. We then each retreated to our host families for a French meal and then to an early bed time so we could get up for our 6:00 train to Paris. We love early trains. After a quick taste of Switzerland, we are now in Paris for five fun-filled, fantabulous days!!

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